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On September 29, 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1879 and Senate Bill 509, two laws that are part of California’s Green Chemistry Program. These new laws authorize California state government to develop an alternatives analysis framework to stimulate the rapid acceleration of replacement of harmful chemicals and ingredients with safer alternatives in products sold in California.

As we begin the process of rule development for these laws, we have created a “wiki” to capture the input of California’s most valuable resource, its people, to spur discussions and ideas as the draft rule is being developed. This wiki invites informal collaboration and input into the rule development process, and encourages all persons to draft regulations they would like to see the State adopt. In addition to wiki input, there will be upcoming public workshops to solicit additional input and to discuss input received from the wiki. This wiki information gathering process is a precursor to the formal rulemaking process required by the California Administrative Procedure Act (APA) which DTSC will begin when a full set of draft regulations have been developed. For those stakeholders who are interested in upcoming public workshops and informal and formal comment periods, please visit where upcoming events and dates will be posted.

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