Trainees and Fellows

Natalia Milovantseva

Doctoral Candidate                                                                   
School of Social Ecology - UC Irvine

Project: Assessment of consumer preferences for recycling electronic
waste and willingness to pay for green electronics.

Mentor: Dr. Jean-Daniel M. Saphores
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering


Hyeong-Moo Shin

Hyeong-Moo ShinSocial Ecology with a concentration in Public Health and Epidemiology-
UC Irvine

Project: Modeling human exposure to Perfluorooctanoic Acid
(PFOA) by linking and validating fate and transport models

Mentor: Dr. Scott M. Bartell
Program in Public Health, UC Irvine

Hossein Ajideh

Hossein AjidehMaterials and Manufacturing Technology - UC Irvine                             
hajideh@uci.eduProject: Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Rubber
and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Materials

Mentor: Dr. James C. Earthman
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,
UC Irvine


Sung Jin Park

Sung Jin ParkPlanning, Policy and Design - UC Irvine

Project: New Analytical Methods for Combining Multiple Evidence
in Assessing Risk of Commercial Substances and Alternatives

Mentor: Dr. Raul P. Lejano
Department of Planning, Policy and Design
School of Social Ecology, UC Irvine


Sandy Tran

Sandy TranMaterials Science and Engineering - UC Irvine

Project: The Effects of Alkaloids on Biocorrosion

Mentor: Dr. James C. Earthman
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,
UC Irvine

Erica McKenzie

Erica McKenzie Environmental Engineering - UC Davis

Project: Metals, Organic Matter, and Nano/Ultrafine/Fine Particles
Interactions in Surface Waters

Mentor: Dr. Thomas M. Young,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis

Doan-Si Bui

Doan-Si BuiEnvironmental Toxicology, UC Riverside

Project: Dose-response relationships for genotoxic agents.

Mentor: Dr. David A. Eastmond
Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Chair, UC Riverside


Brian Escobar

Department of Anthropology, UC Davis

Project: Green Design Configurations In-Formation.

Mentors: Dr. Timothy Choy
College of Letters and Sciences, UC Davis

Dr. Joseph Dumit
College of Letters and Sciences, UC Davis

Michael Shaghafi

Michael ShaghafiNatural Sciences I, UC Irvine

Projects: Design and Preparation of Organocatalyst for C-C Bond Forming Processes. Development of a Palladium Catalyzed Conjugate Allylation of α,β-Unsaturated Acylpyrroles.

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Jarvo
School of Physical Sciences, UC Irvine


Glenn Gookin

College of Health Sciences, UC Irvine

Project: Is Toxicology Reduced by Inhalation of Biodiesel Versus
Petroleum-diesel Fueled Engine Exhaust in an Asthmamouse Model?

Mentor: Dr. Michael T. Kleinman
Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, UC Irvine

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