About the Program

The goal of the Lead Campus program on Research and Education in Green Materials is to transform the research education of a new cadre of graduate students trained to approach materials science, toxicology, environmental engineering and technologies, and the social sciences through selective engagement in interdisciplinary collaboration. The State of California, through the activities of the UC TSR&TP is committed to be a world leader in understanding these complex issues, and in producing innovative solutions that account for the various perspectives and trends at the local, national, and international levels.

The global economy is sustained by material transactions. California, as the world's sixth largest economy, is both a source and sink for consumer products manufactured with material components that remain poorly characterized with respect to potential impacts on human health and environmental quality. The increasing globalization of material life cycles and the penetrating effects of associated toxic substances have invigorated desires for "greener" consumer products with demonstrably lower burdens on societal resources and human health. However, identifying alternative materials as "green" or "greener" requires innovative multidisciplinary approaches that can not only pinpoint and characterize toxic risks, but require also that these approaches are capable of developing effective strategies for managing the risks while paying attention to consumer preferences, the bottom line for manufactures, and the role of government policies in protecting the public.

This Lead Campus will spearhead the research and education component of this commitment to transform our current toxic material society into a green material society.